Hi there,

Ify & Ada is colorful girls' clothing, blending European styles with African fabrics. The sun is shining, and so are our children – with our dresses even a little bit more.

Our team is based in Berlin and Windhoek and our aim is to bring a piece of the Namibian joy, faith and sunshine to Germany – and to build a bridge between our countries that our children and their friends can confidently cross as they grow up.

In 2023, we started the production of our clothing line in Windhoek. In the coming years, we want to expand our operations, train more tailors, and grow together. Thank you for joining us on this journey!🧡

  • Esther // Co-Founder & CDO (Namibia)

    Esther is a trained educator, school principal, youth pastor, and mother of two lively young girls. With years of experience as an event planner and interior designer, she has developed a unique taste for creative and captivating clothing. Her passion is to blend contemporary designs with traditional, high quality African fabrics.

  • Lisa // Co-Founder & CEO (Germany)

    As a mother of two little girls, Lisa values comfortable, age-appropriate children's clothing that makes children feel special and can be worn at any party or playground. Lisa worked at a Business Innovation Center in Namibia for 6 years, is happily married to a Namibian and is grateful for the opportunity to raise biracial children.

  • Meme Magrietha // Head Tailor (Namibia)

    Meme Magrietha is a seasoned Namibian tailor with over 30 years of experience in the field. She is self-taught and enjoys working with clothing styles and fabrics for all ages and different ethnic groups. The mother of four lives in Windhoek and is known for her attention to detail in creating beautiful, high quality and refined garments.

  • Goal-oriented

    Our goal is to generate a reliable income for our Namibian tailors by leveraging their amazing talents and providing them with access to the European market.

  • Faith-driven

    Our Christian faith is the foundation of our value system and the guide to our business decisions and day-to-day work.

  • Future-oriented

    We want to play our part in shaping a better future for the next generation and are open to ideas, collaboration and new approaches.